General Assembly and Board Elections 2017

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The time has come again to cast your vote and chose the new Alumni Club board members. This post should cover all questions one could have on the topic and will be updated to reflect future questions that we receive.

When and where are the elections?

Elections will be on Friday the 17.02.2017. The first convocation will be at 18.15. The second at 18.45. Since the F6-Social Club is being renovated, the elections will be either in the associations nre offices in C5 (unibz), or in a different room of the university in Bolzano that will be defined in a few weeks.

Why two convocations? What does that mean?

The general assembly that elects the board is valid if more than half of the members participate (half of all graduates of unibz since the dawn of time). If this participation quorum isn’t reached at the first convocation, a second convocation is called. In this second case, any number of members is enough to take decisions and the vote is valid with just the majority of the present members.

Who can vote and be elected?

Any person who graduated from unibz or is about to graduate (with 80% of the degree course CPUs already credited) can vote and run for elections. No registration or anything else needed. You can prove your former studies at unibz in various ways, among which:

  • Subscribing to the website of the alumni club at this link. Your membership request will be crosschecked by the university and approved members will be listed and easily recognized by an ID-document;
  • Bringing any official proof of your completed studies at unibz;
  • Being known and recognized by other present and proven members.

Can I delegate my vote to someone else?

Yes. Every participating member can have up to one (written) mandates from other members. If you would like to delegate a friend, you can do so by sending her/him the filled-out form you find at this link (IT/DE).

Can I run for office without being present at the elections?

Yes. In this case, please send us your request to run for elections and a description of your profile, that will be read in front of the assembly before the elections. Though being in Bolzano for the entire term is no mandatory prerequisite, we have found in our experience that it is a hard task to be an effective board member while being away from Bolzano.

Who are the current candidates?

Currently, there five candidates. Their profiles will be posted over the next days on the present website and the Facebook-page of the alumni club.

How does the election work?

During the general assembly of the members of the alumni club, after all other issues have been discussed and voted, the elections will take place. Each present member will receive one ballot (piece of paper) on which up to four preferences can be expressed, chosing among the candidates. For each mandate from other members, the voter will receive an additional ballot, with a maximum of two ballots per person (a personal one, and in case one for the valid mandate). After the ballots have been cast, the preferences will be counted and the top 8 overall preferences (with at least one vote) will be elected for office. The minimum amount of board members is of 4 people. The new board members will immediately chose among themselves, in closed session, the president and vice-president. They can also decide to add to the team other candidates or external members.

How long is the term?

The board remains in charge for 2 years, after which elections will again take place (Winter 2018/19).

Where can I find the statute of the Alumni Club?

There is only a German version of the document, that you can find at this link.