Bolzano Snowdays 2017 alumni team

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If you have studied at unibz, you shouldn’t need any explanation about Snowdays.

What might be interesting instead is to know how to participate once you are not a student anymore.

Alumni from unibz have the priviledge to be allowed to join and participate similarly to other universities. There are however some relevat differences that are described below.


Ticket and duration:

The regular, full-time ticket, is available at full price (same price as for unibz students). Some alumni however might be working and hence unable to join from Thursday for the entire program. For this reason, there is a second and cheaper option: you can join just from Friday night on, meaning you will have entry-ticket to the party at unibz and then all services covered for the second day in Canazei (all day). Prices for the 2017 edition are:

– full program ticket: 90€

– “workers”-ticket (from Friday night, party at unibz included): 50€

– entry at uni-party Friday night: free, but only if a guest-student is hosted. If interested, please contact directly


Alumni will have to find an accommodation on their own. The Snowdays staff won’t provide for one nor the alumni club. Usually participants have friends who host them in Bolzano or book a room in the city.


The alumni club has won several cups in the past years and has always had a strong team. Between 8 and 10 alumni will be chosen at discretion of the alumni board. You can apply for joining the team by email or contacting us through our Facebook page. If you don’t have a place and need one, we can still help you publishing your request on the facebook event we will create.


For further information on the program, please have a look at the official event webpage: