Alumni Club board elections – 24.07.2019

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Dear alumni,

this email is to inform you that the upcoming elections for the new board of the Unibz Alumni Club will happen on 24.07.2019.
Below you will find all information to run as a candidate and/or vote for the new board (for the first time online).
About us: the Unibz Alumni Club is a nonprofit association which elects a new directive board every two years. The board members act as representatives of all Unibz graduates towards university and other stakeholders, and promote initiatives and activities in the interest of the club members.

Why to apply: if you have loved your time at Unibz and would like to give back your passion, skills and few of your time in order to further develop and maintain the Unibz Alumni network in the world, then the directive board awaits you!


  • Deadline for candidacy: 14.07.2019
  • Deadline for online voting request: 19.07.2019
  • Election day – 24.07.2019:
    • 6:00pm: assembly @ F6 (physical + online streaming)
    • 6:30-7:00pm: online elections
    • 7:00: results and new directive board
    • aperitivo to follow
Who can vote? Any Unibz graduate and all Unibz regular students with at least 150 ECTS if bachelor or 100 ECTS if master students. In order to allow us to check your eligibility, please register here Your data will be checked by the university, which will confirm if you fulfill the criteria.

Who can run as candidate? Anyone eligible to vote is also eligible to run for the new directive board. If wish to bring your passion for Unibz into the Alumni Club, please register here: If you would like to talk to the current board members, please write an e-mail to

Where do I find the candidates? Starting from 16.07.2019 the candidates will be presented on the website and on social media (

How do the elections work?

  • Each voter can express up to 4 preferences among all candidates. The 5 candidates with most votes are elected as new board members.
  • Shortly before the election day you will receive your login credentials and a unique link on the email address you registered with.
  • On 24.07.2019 at 6:30 pm the voting system will be activated for half an hour. Open your link and log into your account where you will find the list of candidates. Choose (wisely) four of them and submit your vote.
  • The system is anonymized, meaning that it won’t be possible to see who you voted for, but that you voted only once.
  • Also people coming to the election event in F6 at Unibz will have to vote with the online system.
  • Once the voting time is over at 7pm, the results will be disclosed and the new directive board will be nominated.
  • Candidates are not required to be present, however they should be available – in case of nomination – for their first board meeting in which they will decide the new president and vice-president.

Are you ready to undertake the challenges of the next Unib Alumni Club board? We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

Click here for the voting registration form.

Click here for the candidacy registration form.