2nd unibz alumni homecoming – 13.05.2023

Are you ready to meet again with old & new friends who’ve studied @ unibz like you? Then, join us for the 2nd unibz alumnihomecoming on 13th May 2023!
This second edition will take place at the main unibz campus, where all the adventures and memories have taken place in your student careers! You will see how the facility changed in the years, have interactive sessions with your mates like during your study period, eat in the canteen (unimensa – with external catering), have an exploring experience in the city/surroundings in the afternoon, and finally a big party like at the good old times!!

Be with us (tell a friend to tell a friend! and your partners are welcome too!) and share again unforgettable moments of unibz time!

All info here: https://alumnihomecoming.events.unibz.it/