Candidates – unibz alumni club elections 2023

We introduce you, in alphabetical order, the five candidates who have applied to run for the next alumni club board. Elections will be available to the accredited alumni who enrolled here and voting will be possible, only once, during a Thursday 16th November from 9:00AM till 6:30PM. Afterwards, the results will be disclosed during the online assembly on Microsoft Teams (link will be sent to voters) and will be later published on our website.

assembly & elections: 16th November, 2023
o 6:15pm: online assembly on MS Teams with review of past activities
o 6:30pm: closing of online elections
o 6:45pm: results and new directive board

Candidate: Alessia Inguanta

Most recent graduation year: planned 2024
Faculty: Economics

Brief introduction: “Hello fellow alumni student of unibz! I am Alessia Inguanta and I am about to conclude my bachelor program in Economics & Management. I am excited to introduce myself as a candidate for the board member position of our alumni club. With a degree in Economics and management and a strong passion for fostering alumni connections, I’m committed to enhancing the club’s initiatives. My experience as a Student Ambassador, Peer Tutor, and ESU board member gave me the possibility to develop relevant experience and skills such as event planning, networking, and community building. All this has prepared me to contribute to the club’s growth. If elected, I’ll work diligently to strengthen our alumni community, organize engaging events, and create opportunities for lifelong connections. Together, let’s make our alumni network thrive!”

Goals: My goals are to inspire positive change, foster meaningful connections, and achieve personal growth. If elected as a board member of the alumni club, my primary objectives are to enhance alumni engagement, strengthen the club’s community impact, and create opportunities for lifelong learning and networking.

Candidate: Chiara Degan

Most recent graduation year: 2017
Faculty: Economics

Brief introduction: “I am Chiara and I graduated from Economics and Management in 2017. A couple of years later, I had the chance to return to unibz and start working in the administrative offices. I am a sporty person and am always ready for new adventures.”

Goals: As a student, I was very active in student life and was always happy to help the student associations during their events. SCUB, Uniparty, Snowdays, you name it! After attending the previous alumni events, I would like to step up and be part of the organisation process. My main goals are to make the Stammtisch, one of my favourite events, a recurring occasion and organise more sports activities for fellow alumni in Bolzano, like bike tours, a running club, etc.

Candidate: Julian Von Payr

Most recent graduation year: 2014
Faculty: Economics

Brief introduction: “Hi, I am Julian, 32, originally from South Tyrol, based in Switzerland&Germany and I served my first term in the alumni club, last 2 years. My international experience has allowed me to benefit from diversity with other students and co-workers, in terms of geographical, academic and cultural background, as an important resource, providing me with constant motivation for exchange and debate. I am a proactive person and open-minded, oriented towards sharing ideas and teamwork. If you want to know more, feel free to contact me via LinkedIn 🙂

Goals: Set up a vibrant community, which will allow also not so active alumni to join and gain from the network and events.

Candidate: Marc Schabka

Most recent graduation year: 2010
Faculty: Economics

Brief introduction: “Dear Alumnis, dear unibz, I am writing to express my interest in rejoining the Alumni Board, a role I have found both fulfilling and impactful in the past. As a proud alumnus of the Free University of Bolzano, my connection to our alma mater has remained a cornerstone of my personal and professional life, long after my graduation. Currently based in Vienna, my academic journey continued here, culminating in a PhD in Ecological Economics. This city is not just my home but also a hub where I regularly engage with our global alumni community, especially those from unibz. These interactions have only deepened my commitment to our international network, providing a canvas for shared growth and exchange.”

Goals: My previous tenure on the Alumni Board allowed me to contribute to our community’s expansion, and I am eager to bring my experience, enthusiasm, and fresh ideas to further our collective goals. Rejoining the board would be an opportunity to continue fostering the ties that bind us, no matter where life takes us. I am looking forward to the possibility of once again serving our community and contributing to its vibrant, international spirit.

Candidate: Sabina Sabanadzovic

Most recent graduation year: 2023
Faculty: Economics

Brief introduction: After my Bachelor in PPE, I’ve decided to come back to unibz for a Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I’ve always been active in the world of the unibz associations since my bachelor and the last 4 years I’ve been part of the Alumni board. While finishing my master I started working at unibz, in the event management office, and currently that’s what I’m doing”

Goals: What I would like to do is keep on working on the projects started in the previous boards, such as Alumni Homecoming, in doing so maintaining a sense of continuity but also starting to plan new projects with the new board to further reinforce a sense of community among the unibz Alumni.